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Varieties available

There are a huge number of types of potatoes, so you can vary endlessly.

  • From July to August:
    • Première:
      Can be harvested very early. Floury potato with a smooth yellow skin and pale yellow flesh. Good kitchen potato and very suitable for making fries
    • Finca:
      Soon more information
    • Frisian Lander:
      Early and fairly firm to crumbly. Large oval potato, fairly shallow eyes. Slightly rough skin, yellow-brown in color, yellow flesh. Light yellow in color after cooking. Available all year round. Highly appreciated potato consumption due to its good price / quality ratio. Suitable for baking, cooking, deep-frying, roasting, etc.

Varieties available

  • As of August - end of June:
    • Bintje:
      This potato is floury and has a neutral taste. Very versatile and therefore suitable for cooking, mashing, roasting, deep frying, etc.
    • Tebina:
      Late, fairly firm type. Large and long-oval, shallow eyes, yellow skin and pale yellow flesh.
    • Asterix-(red potatoes):
      A middle late kind. Large potato, long-oval in shape with flat eyes. Raw red skin and yellow flesh.

Other varieties are always available!

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